Thank you for visiting! We have Collected Dozens of online WI Probate Resources here all in one place just for people like you!

As Certified Probate Experts: We have further education on the probate process and the trials and turbulations you may face while going through probate and handling any homes or real estate in the process. We go above and beyond for our probate clients and use this expertise to your advantage!

We specialize in helping people go through what you are now and have the expertise to help!

FREE Probate Resource Library

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Special Solutions for Out of Town PRs and Executors

We have optimized many of our business practices to make the life of an out of town administrators easier and hopefully stress free!

Avoid the Pain and Cost of Probate in the future

We recognize the difficulties and ambiguity probate can cause and the lack of privacy you and your family go through during probate.

Becuase of this we offer a FREE Living Trust setup for one person in your family after the home is sold by us to avoid having to file with the probate courts in the future and handle the estate in private.

When Working With us We Honor Your Loved Ones Legacy

We use nothing but exceptional advertisement for all of our clients and aim to advertise the home in a respectful, beautiful way that honors the life your loved one built in the home.

About Us: Braatz-Gilson Realty

We are a pair of Real Estate Brokers with Coldwell Banker Realty. We Specialize in Helping Personal Representatives, Executors and Families with Real Estate During Probate

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Again our condolences

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